Lemon and herb crusted salmon

This recipe is a real favorite here at Marlborough, it’s super easy but very tasty and a great one to feed a crowd at home. We buy 8 sides of salmon when we do it, it’s such good value to buy the whole fish compared to in portions and works a lot better for this recipe. So buy as much fish as you need in one piece if possible, or buy a side of salmon ( great to buy in the period between Christmas and new year when they’re going cheap!) and chop it in half or thirds and freeze the rest. This is a great recipe to make with children, they get to see the fish in it’s raw natural state and then help with all the mixing and pressing, it’s a real hands on one!

To feed 4-5

500g piece of salmon, checked over for bones, skin left on.

2 handfuls of coarse ‘proper bread’ breadcrumbs ( we blitz down with a food processor all the bread we don’t use and store it in tubs in the freezer, if you don’t have a food processor try grating dry day old bread )

1 small handful of mixed chopped herbs (dill,basil,coriander and parsley are what we tend to use)

1 lemon, zested

a glug of olive oil, plus a drizzle to grease the tray

salt and pepper to season

A baking sheet


Preheat your oven to 180 degrees and drizzle a little oil onto your baking tray, spreading it around with your fingers or a pastry brush.

In a large bowl, mix the breadcrumbs, herbs, zest, salt, pepper and glug of olive oil and mix well. Squeeze the mix in your hand, if it clumps together and holds its shape it has enough oil, if not add another glug, you want a mixture that sticks.

Place your piece of salmon skin side down on the tray and pack the crumb mix on top to completely encase it. You can pack on quite a thick layer, press it down so it sticks, you shouldn’t see any salmon flesh showing.

Bake in the oven for 15- 20 minutes (longer if you’ve doubled the recipe and your piece of fish is larger) until the salmon is piping hot all the way through the thickest part.

And enjoy…we sometimes serve our’s with mash, greens and tartare sauce…or ketchup! But it would be lovely in the summer eaten outside with herby new potatoes and a big green lemony salad.



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