Feed – Our cookbook

For around six months now I have been having a great time working on producing a recipe book. My guiding lights in this project have been two incredibly talented Marlborough parents – Ruth of Falmouth based design company Sames and Littlejohns and Anna of The Stranger Collective, also with lots of help and contribution from Anna’s writing colleagues at Stranger and our kitchen team here. The book will be mainly made up of recipes that we have created and used here in the kitchen at Marlborough but scaled down for cooking up at home.

As you may imagine, as our lunches cost £2.20 each, I have to work to quite a tight budget here in the school kitchen. We want to emphasise through our cookbook that if we can cook great food, from scratch, with lots of high quality and organic ingredients on such a tight budget at school, we can at home too!
Our pupil’s at Marlborough have loved getting involved so far, we’ve had photoshoots in the playground and school kitchen, last week a plate of spaghetti Bolognese got quickly demolished whilst photos were being taken (‘Best day of my life’ quote Oliver Year 1). Our school parliament Healthy Living group have also been talking about which recipes they would like to see in there and looking through the work that we have done so far.

The plan is to have it ready by Christmas and there is still lots of chance to get involved! If you would like to help out, just email me at kitchen@marlborough.cornwall.sch.uk,



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